Did I mention that I like to cook – part 2


Well I really , really love to cook. Infact, I prefer cooking to eating. By the time I have tasted, poured my heart and soul into every meal (well nearly every meal) I find myself with no appetite. Just as well or I would be fatter than a fat thing. Imagine moving to France then, the pressure : ” mais les rosbifs ne savent pas cuisiner!” Absolute tosh!

It still irritates me that this awful reputation still lingers, that you can’t eat well in the UK. I would agree that in the 60’s and 70’s it was a bit dire but then the arrival of ‘nouvelle cuisine’ in the 80’s changed everything. Personally, I loved those expensive, beautiful plates of almost nothing that left your tummy growling for more fud!  That was the beginning. Then it just exploded… some of the best meals that I have ever eaten have been in London: Marco Pierre White when he had Harveys, then The Canteen – amazing! Le Gavroche – ok so it’s totally French and you have to book month’s ahead but I would be happy to starve to get a bowl of their consommé.  Infact, that could be my perfect diet: very expensive but delicious broth…yum!

So moving to France and the pressure of cooking for Frog’s family- totally nailed that. Was nervous at first, finding myself not just in a culture that cooks but in a family that COOKS!  Facile! Frog is super proud to have found the only English woman that can cook – ssshh! He doesn’t need to know  but he has got rounder since I arrived.  Maybe he is happy-I hope so!  Again, to be continued…..who knew that I would have so much to say about all this?

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